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What's Your Challenge?

photo professional health administrator
I'm a public health administrator

I need training for my staff so they can feel confident and capable about addressing the needs of pregnant smokers in my community. We need good results to qualify for growth in funding!

photo obstetrician
I operate an obstetrics practice

Doctors' time is limited with each patient, but we want to be able to help. If everyone in the practice received professional training, we could address smoking even before conception.

photo community health worker
I head a community health effort

There is such a need in my community! Low birthweights contribute to many health issues. I need to be able to reach out to pregnant smokers with real solutions.

In 2010, the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (ACA) expanded Medicaid coverage to include comprehensive smoking cessation for pregnant women as a reimbursable service without cost-sharing, and offers states flexibility on how the services shall be provided.  Additionally, as a set of best practices, SCRIPT® is designed to be a component of a patient education program for prenatal care providers and is cited by the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality’s Smoking Cessation Clinical Practice Guidelines.
photo young health activist
I'm a behavioral health specialist

Not every pregnant woman who smokes is happy about it. Some really DO want to quit. I want to steer my clients in the right direction. Where can I send them for proven, effective assistance that works?

photo young pregnant hispanic couple
We're pregnant and I want to quit!

We've tried to quit before, but now it's serious because I'm pregnant! Where can I go for professional help in my local area. I need someone to call.

photo female who wants to quit smoking
I want to know more

I like that SCRIPT® is a proven, evidence-based system with a long record of success.

I work with pregnant populations and I'm interested in learning how to become a master trainer in my region. How can I get more details about this program?