Public Health Administrators

If you are an administrator in a state public health department, you live with pressure. Funding is never adequate, and demands on your resources grow every day. Every staff effort needs to be justified with proof of performance.

$16.9 billion in preterm birth costs
Smoking is the leading preventable cause of preterm birth and the poor health outcomes associated with it. Economic costs associated with preterm birth in the United States are estimated at $16.9 billion in terms of medical care alone (Institute of Medicine, 2007).

SCRIPT® can help.
SCRIPT® training prepares your employees to do something their education may not have prepared them for. They may not feel confident about initiating conversations on the subject of smoking while pregnant. They may feel unsure how to sensitively assist women who are endangering their pregnancies with nicotine and who need to quit smoking.

SCRIPT® will assist your staff in learning how to approach women who may need intervention. They will be trained in how to bring up sensitive subjects, how to encourage reticent participants, and how to follow-up to ensure consistent results.

Investing in SCRIPT® training for all or a cohort of your staff will pay dividends for your department, your staff, and your community.

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