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SOPHE offers both in-person and virtual SCRIPT® trainings to empower and educate providers across the United States in both virtual and in-person environments.

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SOPHE pivots to offer virtual professional development for healthcare professionals in tobacco cessation.

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"Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of pregnancy complications, preterm delivery, and low birth weight in infants. Healthcare providers can increase the chance that pregnant women will quit smoking by asking them about tobacco use, advising them to quit, and providing counseling and medication."

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Photo of Experienced SCRIPT Master Trainer

Meet a SCRIPT® Master Trainer

“I have spent the last eight years as a SOPHE SCRIPT® program trainer working with behavioral health organizations to help reduce tobacco use among pregnant smokers.

After 20+ years working in tobacco control and cessation, I understand the special needs of pregnant smokers. My work has helped develop protocols for cessation services specific to this population.

I have enjoyed the interactions with various programs and clinics around the nation while training to implement SCRIPT®. Working directly with pregnant smokers, I realize how hard it can be to get past an addiction and deal with pregnancy at the same time.  

I am proud to be associated with this program, contributing to its growth and look forward to working with it in the future through SOPHE.”

Pamela Graef Luckett, MCC, LPC, CTTS
PGL Consulting LLC