The SCRIPT® difference

photo mom who quit smoking with newborn

There are many quit-smoking programs and approaches. But SCRIPT® is different.

SCRIPT® was specifically developed to aid pregnant women.

Pregnancy is a vulnerable time in a woman's life, when her decisions can have a huge impact on another life.

Many women find new reasons to quit smoking when they realize they are pregnant. SCRIPT® gives them the guidance and support to achieve their goal. This program motivates, counsels and provides materials to assist them in their efforts to quit smoking.

Most importantly, SCRIPT® is an evidence-based program. It has been extensively evaluated in the United States and abroad. Randomized and cohort studies sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and other authorities have established that quit rates for SCRIPT® patients are significantly higher than for patients receiving other care. That's the SCRIPT® difference

SCRIPT® is cited by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality as an effective intervention to use with pregnant women who smoke.

Smoking cessation for pregnant women is covered as a reimbursable service under the Affordable Care Act. To find out more about your state’s Medicaid plan, visit

The Healthy People 2030 objectives presented by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion include the following related objective and target metrics:

1. To increase successful quit attempts in pregnant women who smoke [TU-15]
2. To increase abstinence from cigarette smoking among pregnant women [MICH-10] 

Furthermore, the Healthy People 2030 summary explains that smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of pregnancy complications, preterm delivery, and low birth weight in infants.

Healthcare providers can increase the chance that pregnant women will quit smoking by asking them about tobacco use, advising them to quit, and providing counseling and medication.

pregnant woman with doctor

Prenatal care integration

SCRIPT® is designed to integrate into a setting that provides routine prenatal care or home visiting services.

The patient guide and brief counseling is intended to be provided by a nurse, health educator, credentialed healthcare provider, social worker, home visitor or other professional.

This is a key element of SCRIPT®  – it does not require the pregnant woman to make an additional appointment for smoking cessation counseling or to attend a separate class. Instead it meets her where she is and provides her with "A Pregnant Woman’s Guide to Quit Smoking" booklet, a video screening of "Commit to Quit", and a brief 10-15-minute counseling conversation intended to spark her confidence and her desire to quit smoking.

The SCRIPT® program provides quality assistance with quitting efforts — the fourth “A” in the 5As of Ask, Advise, Assess, Assist and Arrange — during the woman’s prenatal appointment or home visit.